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Know Sangli

India is a land of a many contradiction. A multi-cultural, multi-faceted microcosm of India, Sangli is where the diversity of people come together for the single-minded pursuit of success. At The Krishna International Hotel Sangli, salute that spirit.


As one would expect from a Sangli, it is a centre of cultural activity. Along with renowned art galleries, the downtown districts have some of India’s finest concert halls that regularly host visiting Western Classical musicians. While suburban Sangli is the perfect stage for the best in local theatre and music. Get in touch with us and we’ll help arrange passes.


English is spoken at offices and commercial establishments. Hindi and Marathi are more commonly spoken. Different pockets of the city speak a host of Indian languages like Gujarati and Tamil.


Sangli experiences a tropical climate. The annual temperatures range from a high of 42°C to a low of 11°C.

The period between October and February is the most pleasant time to visit Sangli, when the city enjoys a balmy season of blue skies and a cool breeze. Sometimes cold northerly winds are responsible for a high wind chill.

Between March to October, the weather is characterized by high humidity and temperatures of over 35°C.

The monsoon rains break in mid-June and last until September.


Sangli has the best local transport systems. Regular local buses service all parts of Sangli. Auto are also available through the day. If you do want to get a closer look at Sangli, do contact Guest Relations and we’ll gladly arrange a tour for you.

Tourism Destination

  • Ganapati Temple
  • Haripur sangam
  • Rajwada museum