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Vrindavan rest

Restaurant Name is an Vrindavan restaurant offering North and South Indian cuisines. The dishes reflect the distinctive cooking styles and dining rituals of India’s ancient nobility. Traditional Indian spices are intrinsic to the flavours of the specialities served. The menu offered will take you on a culinary journey from succulent kebabs to rich curries and fragrant “dum biryanis” long grain basmati rice preparation.

Family Rest

The soft lighting and mellow music provide an intimate and relaxed setting. The decor is modern with traditional Indian elements. Hand-carved wooden screens, decorative Indian Motif embroidered in gold thread artwork on the walls, flower laden urli with floating candles, silver cutlery and crockery create an authentic Royal Indian dining experience.

Restaurant Name welcomes you to an evening of grace, refinement and congeniality with a treat to your palate.

OperatingHours:       6 am to 11 pm